The Tiny Thai’s program is fun and familiar, yet still teaches the children the art of Muay Thai Kickboxing.

They will have fun learning kickboxing all the while learning discipline and group interaction. It is difficult to keep children interested in sport if it is kept too serious and that is why this program is designed to teach Muay Thai Kickboxing through a variety of games and fun group interactions.


Tiny Thai's Train:

4:15-5pm Every Wednesday


The Art of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a combat sport from Thailand and has history dating back over 3000 years. It uses stand-up striking with various clinching techniques (holding your opponent). Described as “the art of the eight limbs”, athletes have eight weapons at their disposal and can use boxing, elbows, knees and kicks. The wide range of techniques utilised make it unparalleled in the world of stand up fighting.

Muay Thai can be trained for self defense, fitness or competition.

Classes at Aberdeen Martial Arts Group are specifically structured for children of varying ages.

  • Tiny Thai’s: 4-7
  • Thai Kids: 8-12
  • Thai Teens (Over 16s are permitted to enter the adult classes however this must be cleared with Head Instructors).

Each group focuses on slightly different elements of the art that are seen as appropriate for that particular age group. So for instance the Tiny Thai’s explore group interaction and good behavior (standing still when games are being explained). Whereas the Teens focus is closer to the art and looks at the self discipline of working hard and pushing through times when the teen is tired from the drills and exercises.

Sparring takes place in the classes too and is a controlled and a fun way for the juniors to develop their techniques and timing.  They wear suitable equipment for protection, such as gum shields, groin guards and body shields. The older Juniors sometimes are allowed to hit the face and in these instances the student also wears a head guard.

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Parent Information

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Parents Corner
The first thing you learn in Muay Thai is not a kick not a punch but respect. You have to respect the martial art, your team mates, instructors, friends, family; AMAG is one big family and will always be welcoming to anyone who wants to join.
Fraser Smith
All the instructors are exquisite, whether it be having a laugh or knowing when to push you to your limit to get you to your highest potential level.
Leon Lipphardt

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