Our authentic Jeet Kune Do Kickboxing Program can be traced all the way back to Bruce Lee himself.

Our two Head Instructors are taught and directly certified under Dan Inosanto – Bruce Lee’s friend and training partner.

Our Program is designed with beginners in mind and will take you from novice to kickboxer quicker than you might think!

What is Jeet Kune Do?

Areas of Training


Kickboxing Training

This area of training will show you techniques and drills that you will need to improve your kickboxing skills. Once you have the fundamentals down you will move into sparring to test out your skills and work out what needs improving.


Trapping Training

The trapping that is shown in the Jeet Kune Do Program is the modified Wing Chun trapping that Bruce Lee developed. This allows the traps to be employed off a more kickboxing stance rather than the more traditional, square Wing Chun stance. This also involves learning some wooden dummy forms.


Grappling Training

Some 50 years before the UFC and Vale Tudo events, Bruce Lee was exploring the art of grappling from a kickboxers perspective. This part of the program will show you take downs, locks and pins from arts such as wrestling, judo, jiu-jitsu and silat. More fun than you might think!

KNOWING is not enough, we must APPLY.

WILLING is not enough, we must DO

Jeet Kune Do is fun to learn as it is easy to pick up and you progress quite quickly without realising it. The drills set up good practice for sparring. I found Kali technically challenging to begin with but that was part of the enjoyment and it improved my focus and coordination. I liked how the instructors demonstrated these in a way that helps you see how it transitions, translates and connects into the other arts, from weapon combat, disarming to empty hand training to ground grappling.
Winnie Shek, Jeet Kune Do & Kali Programs
Although keeping myself fit and active throughout my adult life, I had wanted to combine that fitness and cardio with some kind of personal safety or self-defence training. After reading about AMAG online I was Impressed by their diversity in the arts taught at the club and took my first step by joining the Phase 1 Classes. The encouragement given by the AMAG Instructors to myself regards blending techniques and fighting range was an eye opener for me. My main interest took me to The Filipino arts and Jeet Kune Do and Kali and the thought of competition in sport was a long way from my mind however, through these arts things opened up into the grappling side and I have recently found myself taking part in a Grappling Comp. With my instructors and the many instructors connected to AMAG from around the World my understanding and appreciation of the Arts and those who train and teach has grown manyfold.
Graeme Rab MacOtter, Jeet Kune Do Program

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