Most street attacksĀ involve a weapon of some sort!!

To learn to defend yourself against a weapon, it’s best to learn how to use a weapon. The Filipino Martial Arts are the go to system for true weapon familiarisation and training. These systems are often used by American law enforcement departments and special forces.

You can start to learn these systems today with our Filipino Martial Arts Program.

Learn Authentic Filipino Martial Arts

Our Filipino Martial Arts Program (often referred to as FMA or Kali) will take the complete beginner up to a level where they can really enjoy the Filipino Arts and start to explore on their own. Our program is taught by fully qualified FMA instructors under the guidance and instruction of the Unified Fighting Arts, XTMA and the Inosanto Academy. These programs are world renowned and respected systems teaching authentic Filipino Martial Arts.

Speed is not your friend if you don’t know what you are doing. Don’t hide your inadequacies with speed.
-Guro Dan Inosanto-

Benefits of Filipino Martial Arts

Filipino Martial Arts teaches both the weaponry and the empty hand techniques right from the start of the program. This enables the student to make the connection, very early on, that the weapon is simply an extension of the hands and the same or similar rules can be applied to both.

The other distinction is that it teaches double handed weaponry and this helps remove the dependency on the prominent hand. i.e right or left handed.

Once these principles are learned then the benefits manifest themselves very quickly and often, if the student trains in other programs, helps the student in those programs too.

  • Improve your coordination

  • Increase your hand & eye speed

  • Learn to handle a weapon

  • Improved footwork

  • Learn Dirty Boxing?!

  • Weapons sparring

Student Testimonials

Jeet Kune Do is fun to learn as it is easy to pick up and you progress quite quickly without realising it. The drills set up good practice for sparring.
I found Kali technically challenging to begin with but that was part of the enjoyment and it improved my focus and coordination. I liked how the instructors demonstrated these in a way that helps you see how it transitions, translates and connects into the other arts, from weapon combat, disarming to empty hand training to ground grappling.
Winnie Shek
I started at AMAG for something to do that didn’t involve going to the pub. I ended up staying due to atmosphere of camaraderie, a high concentration of cool people, and the seemingly infinite patience of the instructors.
I really enjoy the technical aspects JKD/Kali program, whether it’s learning something new or trying to perfect the smallest component. Also the kali sparring is great fun when it should be terrifying.
If you ever wanted to try martial arts you should come to AMAG.
John Grewar

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