Phase I is great for the complete beginner or the martial artist that hasn’t trained for a while and wants to get back into the swing of training again. The pace of the class is designed to put you at ease and start you off where you will feel comfortable and wanting to do more and more. Before you know it your fitness will have improved and so will your confidence and skills.

Classes You Can Train In

So you can get a taste of all the different programs we have to offer at the Academy, we have set up a number of different classes that are open to Phase I students. These classes have an instructor who will be able to take care of students who are new to the Academy and make sure that the drills and training they do is right for them.

 After around 6-8 weeks students usually talk with one of their instructors to make sure they are ready, before heading off into any of the other classes.

The Key to Your Potential

You have so much potential training at AMAG and you can really train in anything you like and improve yourself as much as you want. It’s all about how much you put into it and how consistent you are. Consistency is the real secret to improving, whether that is once a week or seven times a week. The real progress is made when you do it every week!

…real progress is made when you train consistently, EVERY week.

There are lot’s of questions you might still have so we have put together some Frequently Asked Questions below in a hope that you might find some answers there. However, there is also a form below that too, that you can fill out, if you still have any questions.

Benefits of Phase I

Get Fit

No need to get fit first, we will get you there!

Get Fit

Simply by taking part in the classes regularly, we will get you fitter than you’ve ever been. There’s no need to get fit first, We’ll get you there and quicker than you think!


The classes will build your confidence.


With your body taking shape and your fitness and strength improving, your self confidence will soar. There’s nothing like it!

Self Protection

Look after yourself learn to stay safe.

Self Protection

The Programs you learn will teach you how to look after yourself and have the skills to deal with the situation.

Killer Workouts

The workouts are full of motivation for YOU!

Killer Workouts

The workouts you get at AMAG are fun and full of motivation. Pushing you to your own personal limits and beyond!

Make New Friends

Make friends and expand your social circle.

Make New Friends

The people you meet at Phase 1 can quite often become your friends for years to come.

Martial Arts Lineage

All AMAG Instructors are fully certified

Martial Arts Lineage

All the instructors at AMAG have proven martial arts experience in some of the top martial arts programs in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1908183_10206940295372329_9075889497087052521_nThere is no need to book a place for the Phase I class. As long as you have your pass or membership sorted out you just need to turn up with your training gear. Including your AMAG T-Shirt.


To find out more about memberships and passes click on Memberships button. The Membership page will explain all about the passes and memberships and what you need to qualify for any concessions.

The Phase I Program is designed with beginners in mind. We have spent over 25 years developing drills and training methods that will help you progress as quickly as possible and show you results before you know it! The classes are geared up to go at a pace that is both challenging but fun and the very fact that you are enjoying yourself will lead to amazing results. The classes are designed for all age groups, all fitness level as and all different types of athletic abilities. PLUS the instructors are well trained to identify students that will train well together in order to have fun and progress within the martial arts the class is learning at the time.
The Phase I classes have been developed to help everyone of all shapes and sizes, ages and abilities. We have students from all age groups taking part in the classes at beginners levels as well as advanced and instructor levels. Age is not a restriction in your training if you train properly and follow the programs that are designed to help you improve your fitness at a sensible and sustainable rate.

Being overweight is also not a restriction in your ability to train and improve yourself and your health and fitness and share in a healthy sustainable lifestyle like everyone else. We have had student who started with us at over 185kg and having trained hard and sensibly has recently just hit the ‘lost 10 stone’ mark. This has taken some hard training but it was certainly fun and obviously achievable.

“In October 2013 I started at AMAG weighing in at a hefty 189kg. I had a lack of confidence, and was very shy. Now, as of January 2016 I have lost 75kg. This without a shadow of a doubt is down to the training and encouragement at AMAG. I feel that without the team mates and instructors I would have given up a long time ago. Not only have I lost weight, I have gained confidence and have came out of my shell more, and feeling like if I want to accomplish something, I can. I have made life long friends and I know with them the rest of my weightloss journey will be a lot easier. I would like to think that AMAG and the people in it has changed me as a person for the better.”
Levi Bunyan
Most people start their training in Shorts and a T-Shirt or Joggy pants. The only thing we expect, after a few weeks is for you to buy the club T-Shirt. These can be bought at reception and are available in most sizes. It might be worth buying two if you plan to train in all three Phase I classes each week.

The shorts that most people wear are called board shorts or MMA shorts and are usually knee length with no zips or metal studs. Women often wear the same shorts or joggy pants or yoga /gym pants. All are suitable and as long as you are comfortable that is all that is required. We also train in bare feet as no trainers aor other foot wear are allowed on the mats.

You can pay per class when you get started and the prices can be found here. However, it makes more sense to set up a Bronze or Silver class pass as it proves to be more economical. These passes are usually paid for by Standing Order or recurring card payment. Talk with Wendy or Amy at reception for more details.

Click here to go to the Membership page. Here you will find out all the details around the memberships and class passes we offer. You can also talk with Wendy and Amy at reception for more details. The only thing we look for once you have decided to become a member is that you set up a Standing Order or Recurring Card payment.


Note: There are no annual contracts at AMAG but we do not refund membership or class passes if you leave mid month.

There are no annual contracts at AMAG, you pay either by Monthly Membership, Class Passes (per month) or per class. Note however, should you decided to leave mid way between monthly payments, there are no refunds.


Check out the Membership page for further details or talk with Wendy or Amy at reception for more details and options.

You do not have to do the Phase I Program if you only want to train in grappling or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. If that is the case then you can start with the BJJ Program right away. It has a beginners syllabus that will get you going from day one. Jump over to the BJJ Program for more details.

BJJ Program
You do not have to fight or compete when you train at Aberdeen Martial Arts Group. We are a Martial Arts Academy not a Fight Gym. That is not to say that we don’t have fighters, because we do. They have fought at very good levels and have done the gym proud and continue to do so.

However, fighting is not for everyone but the benefits of practicing Martial Arts are! You can train without the worry or concern of having to fight if you want to. There are many different ways to test your skills in the martial arts without the need to step in the ring or cage.

If you wish to practice for the great health benefits that is great and if you are unsure about competing and would like to wait and see, that is fine too. You can change your mind at any time and we do not push you into anything you do not wish to take part in. You might even think you want to fight and realise that it’s not for you. You can change your mind and that is no problem either.

At AMAG we want you to enjoy your training and get the most out of it for you and your personal adventure.

Aberdeen Martial Arts Group is within the TX Building. As such, we are allowed to use the parking facilities whilst we are in training and the toilets, changing rooms and showers are all available too.

There is a space at the front of the gym to keep your training bag whilst you are training on the mats.

The Phase I program is designed to give you an introduction to AMAG and 1956771_10204045702451394_1709803279366809630_othe way we train as well as introduce you to the fundamentals of martial arts training.

We like students to do around 6 to 8 weeks of training in these classes before you move into the Phase II Programs. This way you will have a good understanding of the drills and training equipment as well as an improved fitness and skill level. This will help you to not feel out of your depth when you start with the Phase II Programs.

Generally speaking the answer is yes, as the Phase I Program is as much an introduction to AMAG as well as the fundamentals of the martial arts. If however, you are clearly not a beginner and demonstrate those skills then you will be asked to move into the Phase II Programs by the instructor.

The instructors teaching the classes are experienced and have seen many different levels of martial arts, so don’t be too upset if you are not asked to move up to the Phase II Programs before your 20 hours.

Simply enjoy your training and do your 20 hours as we really only want what is best for YOU at the end of the day.

Time Table

Check Out the Time Table to See When You Can Get Started!

The Time table page details all the different classes that you can take part in for the Phase I Program. Jump there now for more details.
Time Table

If you have anymore questions, fill in the form below.

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